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The screw-fit solar panel mesh clips are used in conjunction with our solar panel mesh (PVC & Galvanised) to prevent birds from nesting under solar panels without damaging the panel's warranty. 

Solar Panel Mesh Clips utilise an innovative locking nut to prevent all types of birds (seagulls, pigeons, magpies) from nesting under solar panels. The clips should be used in conjunction with our solar panel mesh to protect damage to panels and wiring, all while maintaining the warranty from the installers. The mesh clips are easy to install onto solar panels and can easily be removed for servicing and general maintenance.


Not what you are looking for? You can find our permanent Solar Panel Mesh Clips online now.

Screw-Fit Solar Panel Mesh Clips - Pack of 60

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Prevent birds such as pigeons, seagulls, crows, and magpies from nesting and causing damage to solar panels.
    • No drilling is required keeping the panel's warranty intact.
    • Utilises an innovative locking nut.

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