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Price is per metre.


The SPS spike 2 is a two-point spike system ideal for use on narrow ledges or gutters. The spikes are designed to last with their high-quality UV-stabilised polycarbonate base and stainless steel spikes.


The flexible base makes it ideal for use on curved surfaces. Each metre is made up of 2 strips which can also be attached to gutters & windows using the relevant clips (sold separately) or adhesives such as Fix-All.

SPS Spike 2 - 1m (2 x 50cm)

Excluding Sales Tax
    • The ProBird Spike 2 is a bird control solution to prevent birds such as pigeons from nesting, perching and roosting.
    • When combined with gutter clips, the spikes are highly effective at stopping birds using gutters or curved surfaces.
    • Window clips are available to ensure birds are unable to cause problems on windows.

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