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The Solar-Guard Lite provides protection for your solar panels against all types of birds.

Made from high-quality stainless steel, these bird guards are long-lasting and suitable for all types of weather. The base is also made from UV-stabilised plastic, designed to survive prolonged exposure to the sun.


These solar panel bird guards have fully adjustable spikes that are made to fit all roof tile types. The plastic base can be easily cut to shape and size using heavy-duty cutters or tin snips.


To secure the Solar-Guards into place, we recommend using a strong, high-quality adhesive like Fixall, or can also be installed with Solar Speed Clips


Also available in all black & clear.

Black Base Solar-Guard Lite - 1m (2 x 50cm)

Excluding Sales Tax
    • The solar panel bird guard is a fantastic solution for protecting your solar panels against birds.
    • Available in 3 different sizes: 130mm, 160mm, & 210mm.
    • This solar panel guard is a top-rated alternative to the popular Solar-Guard adjustable spikes.
    • Long-lasting adjustable pins made from stainless steel. 
    • Suitable for all roof shapes and tile types