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This humane and inoffensive sound system is best for exploiting natural bird behavour. The Scarecrow uses naturally occuring bird distress calls, this will deter other birds. Scarecrow 180 is a fully automative play system that is able to work without human intervention.

The Scarecrow 180 has a built in key pad that controls the system settings, it also has an optional security pin access feature to help with additional safety. It has 3 built-in speakers, and by using variable volume and alternation between the speakers creates a natural perception of predator movement.


- Up to 1000sqm
- 180 degree disperal angle


How to install:
- Simply plug & play. Mount on a scaffold pole, or wall.
- 250v ac mains adaptor with a 2m cable is supplied with the unit.


Not what you are looking for? Check out the Scarecrow 360 online now.

Scarecrow 180

Excluding Sales Tax
  • The Scarecrow Bio-Acoustic Systems dispersal products are humane, inoffensive and do not endanger the bird’s lives. Bird distress calls played back at a natural sound level are not intrusive and often remain unnoticed where the public are present.


    • For use in a wide variety of locations
    • Provides a 180ºC degree broadcast coverage
    • Able to work without human intervention
    • Can be powered by mains, battery or solar power

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